CM100 Single channel ECG

Portable design

The first one-channel ECG machine with automatic analysis and diagnostic function, compact and portable handle, convenient for house call , AC &DC power supply.


CM300 Three-channel ECG


CM600 Six-channel ECG


➧ 110mm width folded or roll paper;

➧ Printing format 6 X 2、6 X 2+1R、3 X 4、3 X 4+1R 3 X 4+3R to meet different needs;

➧ Automatic measurement and interpretation;

➧ Manual/Auto/Rhythm modes selectable.

Thermal printer

➧ Intellectualized paper calibration function solve paper jam and paper deflection problems.

Portable and lightweight design

➧ Light and small, handle design, portable for house calls.

CM1200B Twelve-channel ECG

High performance and accurate measurement

Comen ECG has high performance, Time constant≥5s,stand voltage≥±650mv, provide a strong guarantee for the accurate measurement


CM1200A Twelve-channel ECG

12-Lead module

Use 12-lead ECG module and Comen's unique high precision digital filter to synchronically collect, enlarge and process 12 leads, eliminating external interference.

Alphanumeric keyboard and touch screen buttons

➧ 8.4" TFT touch screen, ECG operation via alphanumeric keyboard, function keyboard and touch screen buttons

Portable design

➧ Intellectualized paper calibration function solve paper jam and paper deflection problems.

➧ Convenient for house call.

Various formats

➧ Various Formats: 3×4, 3×4+1R, 3×4+3R, 6×2, 6×2+1R, 12×1, 12×1+T;

➧ 1min record of rhythm and leads, average template, Minnesota code etc., diagnosis report & picture printout.

CM1200 Twelve-channel ECG

High Performance in a compact device

CM 1200 folding-up 12.1” color TFT screen, provides multi-angle observation. Touch screen and hand-writing pen, enables you have easier operation control and quicker information input. CM1200 has multi-language interfaces selection, and multi-size recording paper selectable. Its intellectualized recording calibration system can solve the ECG paper jam, paper deflection problems completely. Also, with the advanced information-based solutions, CM1200 can realize paperless report and long-distance diagnose. CM1200 is the world first-class standard 12-channel ECG machine.