STAR5000 Fetal Monitor


STAR5000C Fetal & Maternal Monitor

➧ STAR5000C is so popular lies in that it makes the pregnant feel safty with its care.

➧ Take full care for the health of mother & baby and enjoy life happiness.

➧ Touch screen, simple and convenient to use;12.1”turnable LCD, multiple angles to choose for better observation, Fully meets your requirements.

➧ 112mm wide thermal printer, Z-fold paper are available.

STAR5000D Fetal Monitor

➧ 6.5”color TFT touch screen, convenient for multi-angle observation.

➧ The first TEMPOMTM timing monitoring function, avoid over time monitoring.

STAR5000E Fetal Monitor

➧ Manual/automatic fetal movement counting.

➧ Auto-grading of fetus.

➧ FHR signal strength notification.

➧ Twins cross-channel verification.

➧ 60 hours'real-time waveform storage and playback.

➧ Mass medical records storage during power failure, can store 30,000 records.

➧ can store 30,000 records. Wired and wireless network connection to form an obstetric central monitoring system.

➧ design

➧ design

➧ 5.7”LCD; Built-in high capacity li-ion battery with over 4hrs working hour;Optional twins monitoring option

➧ Paper tray in the front for convenient paper loading.

➧ 112mm line printing to meet clinical demands.

➧ Support real-time printing at 30mm/min, 20mm/min.

➧ Support 25mm/Sec high speed FHR waveform playback print; Timed printing; Optional twins monitoring option.

➧ Support external USB, SD card data storage; External USB software upgrade

➧ Compact and lightweight

➧ Small and lightweight;Hidden handle, easy to carry

STAR5000A Fetal Monitor / Doppler


For FHR monitoring after 12 weeks of pregnancy Portable and light weight, easy to operate Color LCD screen display with illumination Waveform and numeric display with battery capacity indicator Advanced Digital Signal Processing(DSP) technique is applied for real time calculation of FHR Highly sensitive transducer and low ultra sound power .Built-in rechargable bettery. Replacable transducer. Built-in Speaker and ear phone output. Hindrances weaken ability