C60 Neonatal Monitor

Neonates are a very special group whose BP, ECG and SpO2 are of great differences from the adult's. Measurement of ECG, HR and RESP is usually inaccurate when using traditional monitors. Also inexperienced nurses always accidentally adopt adult mode to measure neonate's blood pressure, which will easily bruise neonate's arm. Based on neonate's needs, Comen creates the world's first specialized neonatal monitor,which is safer, more accurate, more stable and more convenient.

Innovative Functions

Oxygen concentration monitoring

Through oxygen sensor monitoring the oxygen concentration, medical staff can learn at any time the change of oxygen concentration inside the incubator

Apnea self-saving function

The exclusive apnea self-saving function can stop sleep apnea and relieve neonate of the danger so as to fully care for them

ExNeo®ECG Technology

According to neonate's HR features, use Comen's latest ExNeo® ECG Technology to guarantee the accuracy of measurement.Use anti-motion RESP measuring technology, with apnea alarm. Specialized neonatal ECG cable and electrodes pass.

Adap-DSP®(Adaptable digital signal processor)

160mmHg cuff pressure will easily bruise neonate's arm when adult mode is accidentally used to measure neonate's BP. The one and only measurement mode in C60 can avoid such negligence. Regarding neonate's low BP and weak perfusion, use Adap-DSP® to make BP measurement more accurate.

Handwriting input

Touch screen, support handwriting input.