M200 Infusion Workstation

New stacking system

➧ Central control base with integrated design can control multi-channel infusion at the same time, convenient for doctors and nurses to use.

➧ Well-designed intelligent alarm system

➧ With real-time monitoring, data review, alarm recording and drug management functions, it is a complete new infusion workstation.

➧ Accurate infusion speed

➧ Double CPUs design; infusion precision reaches ±3% when two CPUs are monitoring each other, ensuring infusion safety and preventing accidents.

➧ Suitable for syringe with the maximum range

➧ 12 kinds of syringes provided by different manufacturers are suitable; achieve high precision infusion when choosing the right specification.

ME600 Infusion Pump

More precise

Sophisticated motor and dual detectors guarantee infusion precision and stability. Intelligent pulse compensation technology and heating technology ensured the consistency of long time infusion rate.