C100 Specialized Cardiovascular Monitor

It is a modular monitor.

➧ 2+1 modular slots, 2 functional modular slots, 1 printing modular slot

It is an ECG machine.

➧ YY0782-2010 (standard specific requirements for ECG machine) certified;
➧ Pass YY0782-2010 ECG Machine Specialized Standards;
➧ Advanced performance: input impedance≥50MΩ, polarization
➧ resistance voltage:≥±650mV;
➧ Common mode rejection ratio:≥105dB, time constant:≥5S;
➧ 122 kinds of arrhythmia analysis; 12-lead ECG automatic measurement and interpretation;
➧ 72 hours’ full disclosure 12-lead ECG waveform review and ECG interpretation system;
➧ Shortcut key for ECG, one key switch between the monitoring mode and the ECG mode;
➧ 216mm modular printer; synchronous printing of 12-lead ECG.

It is a VCG diagnostic apparatus.

Use Wilson lead. Integrated VCG achieves fully ECG measurement, which can effectively avoid misdiagnosis and provide more comprehensive solutions to complex and abnormal ECG signals, in order to improve abnormality diagnosis accuracy.

It is also a telemetry monitor.

➧ C100 and C100A can form a telemetry monitor Telemetry monitoring of 12-lead ECG and SpO2 via WIFI Creative patient-fall-down alarm function

➧ Data connection through WIFI

➧ infinite extension of effective range